Custom designed, eco-friendly, and high quality products

Vasil Denim monitors all production stages with a full range of quality control and is committed to ensuring that you get the best quality product as soon as possible.



One of the most important factors that make a garment perfect is undoubtedly the quality of the fabric used. Our priority is to ensure that the fabric we supply meets the needs in terms of appearance and texture. We also know how to process the fabric according to softness and texture preferences.

Color and Printing

As a manufacturer with an ethical code of environmental sustainability, we primarily offer organic and naturally dyed fabric options to the brands we work together, and we can also dye and print in any color.


Our product development and design teams are highly knowledgeable and equipped in model creation, clothing aesthetics, and fashion trends. Our partners are always confident that we will provide them with models that appeal to their current taste in clothing and at the same time meet their needs.


Equipped with new-generation CAD-CAM systems and powerful machinery, our cutting department, under the direction of our professionally trained and experienced team and thanks to smart blade technologies, allows us to provide flawless, efficient, and fast service.


Having a large number and variety of sewing units, from manual machines to fully equipped automatic machines, gives us the ability to produce different types of garments at the same time. We are proud of our craftsmen and the quality of our sewing lines, combining technique with art.

Hardware and Accessories

We have a wide range of equipment and accessories to meet the needs of our partners, made from premium quality materials that are free from harmful chemicals.

Vasil Denim
is a GOTS-certified producer.

GOTS Certification confirms that farmers work in fair and safe conditions and that no pesticides or toxic chemicals are used at any production stage.

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Brands We Work With